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I have started this space so that I can share some of my experiences in coaching, strength and conditioning and rehabilitation since the early 70’s. I trained in Europe for 2 years in the late 70’s and I was an Australian Champion in Athletics in 1980 and in the first intake in 1981 at the AIS.

After that period I was a teacher and gym manager. I coached sprinters, jumpers and throwers for a number of years at National Level. I even tried my luck at veterans sprinting for a year and ran a scintillating 11.6. HA.

From 1987 to 2007 I worked in the AFL with Essendon, Collingwood, Geelong and the Western Bulldogs.

I have assisted athletes from many sports from netball, tennis, water skiing to boxing amongst other sports and worked with many different organisations.

My daughter has played for Australia in Vollyeball as a setter and I assist her with her S&C.

Thus I have learnt so much since my days with my father George who initially coached me to working with people like Franz Stampfl, Victor Verez, Gus Puopolo, and many other coaches here and overseas .

A very big part of my time in the AFL and after has been mentoring and help develop young graduates who have now become key players in the Industry. This has been a very enriching period for me and created life long friends.

In the past fifteen to twenty years I was able to grow with the sports science boom in OZ and given my academic science background couple this with my practical background. Since the AFL I have been very fortunate to assist a variety of International Athletes in sports like Tennis, Volleyball, Athletics and Football. I have learnt so much in this block. I had to! But also a lot of my work was with the young developing athlete and this period was pivotal in understanding more about how to work with young athletes. My journey has taken me to Darwin at the Institute of Sport to China working in the Shanghai Institute of Sport. And I have no intention of stopping this journey.

This is a very small snaphot of my career and hopefully underpins this space.


“What most people don’t know was that I actually struggled a bit learning new Sports Skills plus always was a big boy! My track and field career meant I was able to learn so much about training in Australia, in Europe and also at the AIS. So it never came easy and I think that helped me a lot.

As I moved into a coaching career I spent many years training sprinters and jumpers for no $ return but this proved the base of my subsequent career plus I simply love Coaching.

Adding Sports Science qualifications to my practical experience was critical and then 20 years in the AFL as the Australian Sports Science industry thrived, was another learning curve mixing art and science in coaching.

SInce the AFL I have become an ESSA Exercise physiologist and been involved in all facets of Sports Science, Rehabilitation and training athletes. From working in a Pilates clinic to testing elite teams to working on speed, power and strength.

My philosophy is to simply use anything that is out there in Sports Science and Rehab. combined with my experience to assist the athlete in their quest for improvement. Elite athlete, developmental athlete, weekend warrior or injured athlete.”


  1. Your website has some very useful information on it. How can i get a hold of your hamstring rehabilitation book. I’m currently the conditioning coach at the Traralgon Football Club and we already have a few hamstring injuries , so any help would be appreciated

    Comment by Brad Frost | April 21, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hi Brad

    Just go to my website


    And it is set up with paypal. Sorry about the delay


    Comment by Loris Bertolacci | April 21, 2008 | Reply

  3. Hi Loris,
    I met Roydon at Level 1 S&C course in Canberra. Late last year. I am teacher at Assumption College in Kilmore. Would like to meet you one day and discuss S&C with you. I have followed your work and this website looks great.
    Buona Fortuna!!

    Comment by Peter Hope | June 1, 2009 | Reply

  4. Hey Loris.
    Good website mate. Lots of interesting stuff to read.
    It seems like ages since we worked together at Geelong FC.
    Life goes on as a fellow S&C coach.
    I’m currently in South Africa with England Cricket and the first Test Match against SA starts on Wednesday.
    I will keep in contact.
    Cheers mate, Happy Christmas.

    Comment by Spives | December 13, 2009 | Reply

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