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SEN Interview with Dr.-Robin-Willcourt: Confused!

Below are links to audio of a SEN chat with Dr Robin Wilcourt with Mark Fine and Craig Harper

SEN Interview with Dr.-Robin-Willcourt


And it frankly would confuse the hell out of people I believe. Basically it was promoting the anti-ageing industry and the added benefit of very specific medication ( won’t call it supplementation) to lifestyle improvements to health of especially older people. They did discuss briefly that WADA/ASADA often banned such medication.

But what I did find odd was the good doctor promoting the virtues of all types of anabolic agents. That’s the inference I got. Maybe I got it wrong? And then simply outlining certain case studies such as men in their 40’s with low levels  of testosterone for example who after blood tests could improve health, libido whatever. And Craig Harper then spoke about the acceptance of hormone replacement for women but lack of such for men.

Seemed a pretty simple argument and all the “stuff” discussed seemed like a panacea. Add to this the Paleo diet.

Well in reality we are lucky to live in 2013 because when we do get certain illnesses and problems, technology and medical science has allowed many to live longer and healthier. And there is a definite need for hormone replacement and enhancement in the elderly ( and ill). In fact anyone that has studied understands how anabolic agents are used in medical conditions and this was their evolution., especially post world war 2.

But without going too long in this article there were 2 specific things that irked me about this particular chat. 3 in fact. The third was it was a great AD. To be honest good luck to Dr Wilcourt there and maybe certain other health professionals. But more so I found it odd that apart from aged people, the discussion did not concentrate on the ability of quality exercise and diet to change and modify many of these hormonal and health issues that people appeared with in anti ageing clinics. Add to this the “fat/stressed” mid 40’s guy who only needs a kick up the backside , 15 kgs loss of weight and stress release before remotely thinking of peptides.

We all understand the need for intervention with medication in diseased states and simply saying taking ‘anti-ageing” medication from mid 40’s onwards is a dangerous or maybe more so lazy  practice in my opinion. This is very different to obese, clinically ill people who need instant intervention before irreversible problems occur. Not lazy 50 yo’s!

And then to me the clanger. Just washing over the problems that all this causes in elite sport. We are dealing with 16 to 25 YO’s here. Once we start manipulating things then where does it all end. Sure they did mention that their argument did not apply to athletes due to WADA/ASADA rules. But the boys also did not seem too worried. I have seen Neanderthal morons promoting drugs to young kids in gyms. The evidence is there that many of these kids abuse drugs, peptides and anything.  I just got the feeling here that this chat was a feelgood one about anabolics. There is enough evidence of abuse and problems from anabolic abuse.

Just like cocaine and ice. Once you are hooked on anti ageing drugs can’t you go back I reckon.  The industry will have you hooked. HA! What if you are not diseased but just getting propped up by peptides and you get locked up in a Bali prison? You are screwed in all facets just like a junkie. Again if ill I understand, but if lazy train hard and eat well & see what happens. Then assess medication.

Asthma drugs for example are amazing for people with asthma. But clenbuterol is abused by athletes Growth Hormone is amazing for kids with severe growth deficiencies. HRT is amazing for women with serious problems or post hysterectomy. We all get that. And “anti-ageing” medication will have a critical place in the treatment of disease and health. But before taking drugs do everything possible to improve health drug free. And we now have the wonderful prospect of genetic testing which gets a bad rap. Soon this will allow us to predict our health risks and take precautions along the way. Much better than the next great pill.

But thank heaven that we have WADA and ASADA and there is some “stopper” on some lunatics in society that would chuck anything and everything down their throat or jab anything if all these “wonderful” anabolics were freely available.  Anabolics will evolve now and that is scary. So yep ban them in sport.

Obvious specific, targetted use for health and disease is the aim.

Again a very odd one on SEN. But in my opinion they should have emphasised the need for regulation of this medication in elite sport given sport is played by healthy young kids. I just didn’t get that perspective  from the chat. That was probably my main issue!












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  1. Stunned at your interpretation of my interview. THAT is the problem here in OZ. An ignorant medieval approach to life’s complexities. Znyone who thinks WADA or ASADA are professional is — well, there are no words

    An organization based on hate and revenge. WADA. IS DOOMED TO MERT ANY STANDARD o professionalism. Let alone truth

    Sorry you are in that camp.

    Comment by Rojin Willcourt | October 16, 2014 | Reply

  2. Hi….I just think there is a massive difference in the prescribing of “anti-ageing” medicines and supplementation for specific reasons. I have been a strength athlete and my family is involved at all levels successfully in elite sport. I was a hammer thrower in 70’s and was offered drugs and didn’t approve.I actually was around the Eastern Block in the 70’s when it was all happening. I knew that without anything other than food I could lift huge weights and throw a long way. Sure at the pointy end I would have needed something. I wasn’t talented enough. In fact genetically I did a test and was found to have endurance characteristics. Yet I threw an ok distance with the 7.25kgs. I trained hard for 10 years and still didnt reach a ‘drug free” limit. I retired due to social reasons. I have lived around power athletes for 40 years, breathed it. Understand sport and still train at 60. I successfully rehab athletes and train young people for high intensity sport. I just think too many people that have not trained to the limit and/or been involved intimately with athletes who have scratched at limits get involved in this area. Modern medicine has evolved where people can be analyzed, assessed and assisted with health issues. Even athletes. That is different. Sure there exists a grey area there ( anti-inflams/cortisone etc) but for crying out aloud some of the stupidity I see in the community with supplements and PED’s is scary. Elite sport is all about adaptation to stress over a long period of time. But I also have seen the damage that moving too quickly into taking PED’s has caused. First of all an athlete who is healthy should push the absolute limits without PED’s because that will create an awesome base, an adaptive response that stays forever. Then if and when that athlete wants the extra 1 to 3% that is their choice to chance their luck vs WADA whether the substance is iffy or not. But when athletes are at 80/85% of their training capacity for example and have room to push the adaptive response then it is folly to rely too much on supplements and/or PEDS. I just think it is sad that young AFL footballers almost just out of school were given even “safe” supplements when they were at 60% of their capacity. And with the misuse of PED’s and the freak show that would exist if legalized. I support fully WADA’s efforts even if like all bureacracies and institutions there are grey areas and inconsistencies and mistakes. But what freaks me more is the fact that kids take PED’s at early ages in gyms when there is zero need. Scary.

    Comment by Loris Bertolacci | October 16, 2014 | Reply

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