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GPS analysis of VRDL Roller Derby Bout 6 Oct 13

Pretty picture from Game 2 of GPS tracking.

I want to keep my initial analysis very brief after doing GPS at the VRDL Oct 13 Roller Derby bout in the Melbourne Showgrounds tent that allows GPS analysis. I will further dissect all this later with regards to impacts, G forces and perceived exertion ratings. What I also need is a work rest ratio of players and also what they did, block or jam.

Simply there were a few things that seemed to come out of this:

1. Length of warmups and lack of intensity in warmups. Just odd. Low intensity, high volume warmup. No accelerations, speed etc.Everyone does it so probably just become norm but doesn’t make a lot of sense.

2. Heart rate differences between combo blockers/jammers versus mainly jammers. Inference here is that Jammers are almost exclusively a power, high level anaerobic sport ( unless every jam went for 2 minutes non stop!).

3. Blockers may ( I say may!) have to be more aerobic and stronger. Just like front rowers in rugby union. Slow speed but constant motion. Throw that out there. Sort of robbing Peter to pay Paul when creating too many combo players. But of course this all relates to numbers in teams, penalties etc. Simplistically so far there is a trend and this trend relates o how you would train people.

Leave it there for now. I will download a few pretty tables & graphs and then analyze the data in depth plus stats from games and who did what. In a week I will provide a more detailed analysis aligned with stats and work rest ratios from games. Just need another set of data more so of blockers.

Below is a simple analysis. Speed is above 5 msec and accelerations are above a certain level. Pop mainly blocked.



Note Skate only jammed in GAME 2 and lower heart rates.

And here is a pretty graph!

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