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THE JOSH ROSS STORY plus Advanced Athletes Performance!


This is a story on Josh Ross and his comeback to win his 6th national title this year and make the London Olympic Team. More so it is a reflection on the effort required to achieve this in a sport such as Track and Field in Australia. My business partner Piero Sacchetta has put in a massive effort to underpin this result and hopefully it ends in the future in sub 10 seconds performances.

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Saverio Rocca lunging at Advanced Athletes Performance Preston


Saverio Rocca is seen at Advanced Athletes Performance in Preston, Australia, doing some tough lunges with son Marcus. Sav trained with us again this year after a block of training in 2011 also prior to year one with Redskins. My dad, George Bertolacci coached Saverio in athletics before Sav went on to kick 700 plus goals in the AFL. Saverio was a champion discus and shot put thrower and also could high jump over 190 when over 100kgs.

Great to have him at the centre now,  doing his preseason work and also a fantastic role model for our young athletes.

Sav Rocca Wikipedia



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Victorian Roller Derby League wins National Championship

VRDL Roller Derby wins National Title

Great to see the VRDL Roller Derby girls win the National title at the Great Southern Slam national tournament.

A few of  the team do their Strength and Conditioning at Advanced Athletes Performance in Preston and that has been a great experience for me to learn about a new and exciting sport.

Hopefully at AAP we can help some of the girls develop some power and speed characteristics that can be transferred to Roller Derby and help the team climb the World Rankings.

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Australian Men’s Volleyball Team make London Olympics

There is a strong connection at Advanced Athletes Performance with Volleyball. We are the official providers of Strength and Conditioning for Volleyball Victoria and family wise my daughter Lauren has played for Australia and overseas as a professional. So I have been lucky to learn heaps about the sport.  We are proud to be connected with the sport of Volleyball, which is NO 3 participant sport in the world but in OZ gets shoved down the ladder. The men’s team is an elite group which won the Asian Cup 4 years ago and narrowly missed the games then. Fantastic to see them make London in a last gasp thriller vs China and I am sure this will give the sport a boost. So many young kids play the sport at school but opt out and now with this plus other options opening up it should become am attractive sport.Many of these boys should be household names in OZ and I am sure when the London Olympics starts they will be front and centre for the OZ public. Awesome stuff!o

News link below

Aussie volleyballers book Olympic berth


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VRDL’s Kitty Decapitate doing Power Cleans at Advanced Athletes Performance

Link Below on YOU TUBE of Kitty Decaptitate Power Cleaning


Lots of VRDL Roller Derby players now training at Advanced Athletes Performance in Preston. The first stage with many of the girls was simply to do some basic screening, fitness testing and then generic squatting and deadlifting plus some core and rotational work. Warmups have involved mobility, proprioception training and low level plyos.

Some of the girls have started doing some Power work, sleds, med ball throws, hurdle jumps etc. IE Just getting the concept across of converting to power.

The next stage will be to become very specific to what players need and this could involve power training, stair jumping or even high level ergometer work to develop speed repeatability. But the base is always general conditioning.

In the pic above we see Kitty Decapitate doing a Power Clean for the second time only. She did some light front squats, some cleans, snatches then some medball granny throw complexed with hurdle jumps. Thats it!

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Kettlebells, bands, sledgehammers etc…Why not weighted wheelbarrows!

Confused? Well I use to throw Kettlebells in the 70’s because I was a Hammer Thrower. Before their commercial use. So I cringe when I see over 40’s doing clean and jerks with kettlebells with bent wrists etc. Bands, chains etc all a great idea but there is a limit. Once in a while a sprinter will use bands for a start. But why I am saying all this. Well my main job is to train athletes. Generally jumping, running athletes. So programs have to have max effect.

Of course the key  when coaching is to have an open mind to new methods. But it really is getting out of hand now due to the commercial push ( and brainwashing)  for methods which tie in with the need to buy something. The variety is FUN for sure and great for kids and to stall boredom, but after that it is simply overkill.

A muscle doesn’t know what it is using. It is contracting. Do all the motor units switch on in a whole body exercise? Is one working retraction for Scapular needs or switching on the Lower Traps? Are glutes firing? Are calves getting stronger?

You Tube is awesome because so easy to search for techniques but also as with the “Dr Google” phenomenon can be dangerous.

An athlete needs qualities with force production and elastic strength. Why can a coach produce World Class Throwers or jumpers in environments where no chains or GHG machines exist? Well because they have lifted, done heaps of jumping & bounding, sprints and general conditioning with balls and “things”.  Look at what the fastest, most explosive and most enduring athletes do. Not what  a 110kg You Tube chunk does or what some Team Sport Athlete does.

The beauty of  this plethora of equipment and methods is variety, and also when athletes are injured there is lots to move to now & that is the big positive. But I simply do not see the evidence out there to support some programs and equipment. Because athletes have to keep it simple and have time restraints the GYM has to be as basic and more so efficient as possible.

Once in a blue moon smash a tyre with a hammer. I do that with clients ( more so PT) for fun but how many Motor Units have been switched on? What are you doing? Why? Does Rafa smash a tyre? Dont think so.

And guess what, I am not saying olympic lifts will cure the worlds ills. Crossfit bemuses me totally. Mixing a POWER CLEAN with a Watt bike is like Singing Opera at a Karoake bar. ( Never was good at analogies!).  Power Clean means Power. So doing massive reps with cleans destroys the concept of explosive triple explosion. Stick with something that is endurance I say. Better if they just pushed a weighted wheelbarrow for 400 metres then did WATT BIKES. But of course Crossfit is great for fitness so OK. HA

So IF you are an athlete be very specific in the GYM and get maximum BANG for BUCK for effort. If that is a One Legged Press followed by Explosive Step Jumps followed by specific Core Stability then do that, recover and go and train for your sport.

Strength and Conditioning has become very specific now. The challenge is to be specific, individualized and simple and time efficient.

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