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Thanks to Geelong Football Club

2 weeks ago I contacted Geelong Football Club given I was interested in showing a tennis player I assist with itness ( Marija Mirkovic) the inside functions of an AFL club on game day. Also I was simply interested in saying hello given it was 6 years since the saga of 2006  and lots had changed at the club since then, so thought it was appropiate to ask. All happened in a day, so whoosh was a headrush.

I was given a tour of the new High Perofmance Centre at the club and then watched the warmup for the game. Met the old players and lots of staff  and it was great stuff.

Marija loved the day and really interesting for her to see how big the club is and AFL is .

That was it and drove back down that familiar road to Melbourne.

I started at geelong in 1998 and ended there April 2006 so a big past of my life was spent there. So it was nice to be back and really appreciated the chance to be there again before everyone I knew was gone.

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