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Young Athletes and Weight Training

Tommy Podaridis, a 15 YO Soccer player doing 2 arm / 1 leg Dumbell Rows. A good exercise to teach neutral spine, leg alignment and scapular strength & stability.  This is the sort of weight training that young athletes should be doing. Simply learning movements and getting strong and stable in the process. The practice of 5RM’s and advanced weights with young athletes this age does not make sense. We see now with the Pathways and Developmental programs in place ( and pressures to make squads etc) that young athletes are loading up. So just on or just after puberty is a great time to start teaching movements and skills and on the way general strength levels will increase. Loading with growth spurts is dumb and even until growth is stabilized unnecessary.

Below is a pic of Josh Ross, trap bar deadlifting 200kgs. He deadlifted 245kgs in winter with a normal bar. But as a young athlete he played Rugby League and ran fast without huge loads in the gym. Once established then it is critical to load up so one can maximize forces on the ground. So it is a big decision when to load a young athlete. Especially when 20 plus is when most sportspeople shine.

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Yarra Valley Grammer Ariels Netball Fitness Test

Advanced Athletes Performance travelled all the way to Ringwood Athletics Track to finalize the fitness testing for PXMAS 2011 for the Ariels Netball Team coached by Christina Puopolo.

Testing was held the week before at Yarra Valley Grammar and 3 girls went above 18 in the Level 1 Intermittent Recovery Test.

With Peter Venturich from AAP I conducted a speed/sgility and FUN session to wind up the 2011 preparation block.

Below is the ARIELS squad after the session with me, Peter and coaches. Gus Puopolo then had a great barbie ready and I delivered the Xmas break training program. Up to you now girls!

Also met Julian Wruck who is an up and coming Discus Thrower. Julian is staying with Gus Puopolo for a few weeks training. He is 20 but is a regular 60m plus thrower. He is studying at UCLA after transferring from Texas. Good luck


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Joshua Ross at Advanced Athletes Performance in Preston

Joshua Ross, 2 times Olympian, 5 National titles 100m and Semis at Worlds plus 2 Stawell Gifts has been pumping iron and doing plyos at Advanced Athletes Performance in Preston/Melbourne. Here we was doing some 20m starts in preparation for a race on Saturday. He has just started a comeback after 3 years off and has run 49.5 and 21.5 hand which gets him started. He has to do a lot of speed work and racing but has a good base so he hopes to be a peak by Trials in April. Below are a few pics of Josh running on our MONDO track. We have a track indoor and outdoors and AAP is a great place to train at. Sav Rocca did all his preseason here prior to his NFL season and we have heaps of athletes from all sports training to improve performance.





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The TAN RUN as a test for AFL aerobic levels

The TAN is popular with thousands of people and particularly AFL players and sub elite groups and players. But how good a test is it? The myths and legends surrounding it just keep coming. And of course a run around the block will usually give a good indication of who has good aerobic levels. In reality the body doesnt know where it is. It just moves!

But the TAN is a messy run. The Anderson Street Hill, then the downhill slope and in fact the length. Add the fumes. Nice look about it but massive pollution levels.

For scientific purposes a 3km or even better a 2km run is better to do at local level. 2km willl tell you all you need to know if run on an athletics track and allows players to have a crack.

And if you want to be fancy the velocity one runs a 2km in can be useful information for a fitness person to base training on. IE The average speed. Then one can plan aerobic interval training efffectively.

One year I ran the TAN with the Essendon players as a 40 YO ex hammer thrower. Fit of course! Anyway I went hard up the Anderson St hill with some good fit players and hit the wall at the top and crawled home. Terrible time. 4 weeks later we retested and all I did was sit behind Choco Williams. I knew his time from before and waited till 10m from home ( not 20m!) and outsprinted him. 2 minutes faster by just not oercommitting up the hill.

So as a run great for  AFL players, but as a test with some useful data no.


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Certificate 4 fitness course at Advanced Athletes Performance

The lads have almost finished their Cert 4 PT course. Below are a few images from today. They had to run a few circuits then listened to a Motivational Psychology Lecture from Rudy Pilotto ( Serious Consulting). Rudy was a very good distance runner who now runs a consulting business in OZ and OS. The boys then observed Eric doing some squats outside and the crew from Soul Fresh doing a core strength workout. Thus they had the full range of experiences in the course from taking kids circuits to power lifting to corporate fitness. And they watched Joshua Ross doing starts!

Boys having a break from lectures at Advanced Athletes Performance CERT 4 course

Soul Fresh boys doing a CORE circuit

Georgiana Ruhrig after a session


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Sunday evening at Advanced Athletes Performance

Things are starting to roll at Advanced Athletes Performance in Preston. This morning we went to Yarra Valley Grammar and tested the ARIELS Netball teams with Speed/Jumps and YO YO tests. we will add some photos soon from that session. 2 Girls topped 18 plus in the YO YO Recovery 1 test which is a good effort.

Tonight we were back at the centre where client Ali Murad has organized a big group of friends to train at 7pm.

Below are some pics of the session. Victorian Premier League Soccer Player Dario Lasic running alongside young athletes working out on scooters ( both legs!).

Dario Lasic versus 12 YO Zena on a scooter!



And below the lads gearing up for some heavy power cleans in main weight training area in building 2.


Paul Cugnetto working on some shots in building one.






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