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Certificate 3 in Fitness Course at Advanced Athletes Performance

NEW COURSE in CERT 3 starting soon at AAP. Rebates available.

We are currently conducting a Certificate 3 and 4 course in fitness at Advanced Athletes Perormance at 62/64 Oakover Rd Preston. The course is conducted at our elite High Performance Training Centre. We have all the facilities available to enhance your practical skills for exercise prescription but added to this is learning in the same environment as elite athletes and teams from all sports. The skills you will learn in this environment are not available in online courses and lecture based courses. It is a unique experience which will ensure you have all the skills required to work in the leisure industry and the sports specific and rehabiliation industry.

Certificate III in Fitness Starts soon

You may also be eligible for a REBATE for your course

The Certificate III in Fitness prepares the aspiring fitness instructor for working in gyms and fitness centres, conducting fitness assessments, designing programs, instructing clients and maintaining a safe gym environment. It is a standard requirement for any person wishing to become a fitness instructor in Australia and a prerequisite course to a Certificate IV in Personal Training…

Fit2B Australia is a nationally Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

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