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How fit and powerful is Rafael Nadal? Federer?

I was reading a few Italian articles on tennis and fitness. Julio Tous Fajardo is a sports scientist/strength and conditioning guru who has worked with Nadal, Moya and soccer clubs like Barcelona and Sampdoria. He chats about the fact that Nadal has the ability to maintain his speed at a far high level than Federer. He says that Nadal has double the power of football players?

“Nadal compensa lo svantaggio con una maggiore resistenza alla velocità.
La sua valutazione della potenza è due volte superiore a quella di un buon calciatore”

Aerobic power or pure unadulterated power? Some articles mention he has a MaxVo2 of plus 70 ml/kg/min and combined with his weight and strength this makes him lethal. There are others that chat about his power output using specific machines in watts.

Other articles in Italian chat about Paganini ( federer’s fitness guru)  and Federer. They mention half squats of plus 150kgs and the ability to keep up with Swiss sprinters over starts.  Trying to work out his aerobic capacity from what he mentions, suggests he can run approximately 11 minutes for a 3km.

Now all this is hearsay. Agassi is supposed to have benched 140kgs? Run up hills?

In Track and field we often get quite accurate feedback on what athletes are doing on the track and in the gym. Just part of the ethos and chit chat around track and field. Also so many people train together so information is disseminated and it is part of the day to day conversation in track an field.

Julio Tous Fajardo chats heaps about using machines and specifc devices such as Versa Pulleys and Flywheels more than weights and seems to base this on the fact that tennis players are prone to injury and also cannot get continuous training with fitness and strength and conditioning.

So as a result there seems to be much confusion with tennis on what to do. Little kids are heaving weights and others seemingly are pulling therabands.

It would be great to get some more specific feedback on what people are doing in training, but maybe the nature of the sport means this is tough, and also there seems to be so many ways to achieve the fitness needs required.

Oh well, I will keep asking around. In the meantime dont panic. Remember that a muscle just contracts and doesn’t know if it is playing tennis or is on a fancy machine. It just contracts. So just train sensibly.

But it would be nice to know exactly how fit and strong Nadal is!


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