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Basketball and Volleyball. Why such poor marketing appeal in Australia?

With absolutely no disrespect to Netball ( but some disrespect to Slamball and watching racing cars doing weird long curves on ONE HD ) one wonders why Basketball and Volleyball cannot draw the marketing required to launch the sports in OZ. Are there dark forces keeping these sports at such a low visibility or is someone doing something wrong?

It is weird!

These two are massive sports worldwide and will remain so. Professional leagues abound worldwide. Netball is a great sport and fantastic viewing, but simply played in the old Commonwealth.

The presentation of Netball has been superb and has been underpinned by the new channel. Also I realize there are a huge number of players in OZ which translates to a viewing audience. All makes sense eh!

I have had some involvement in Volleyball recently and it should have more presence. The dollar rules and marketing requires numbers. It is frustrating to walk down the road and see complete hacks getting good money in local footy when classy kids pay to play Volleyball, let alone get on the big screen. They way we structure our sports clubs is weird. There are heaps of stadiums all over the place but no big concentrated clubs like in Europe which house many sports under the one sponsor and generate funding and  necessary exposure. Would work!

As an old Track and Field athlete I can understand a little the amatuer background that permeates the sport but Volleyball and Basketball are big sports around the globe with massive participation rates.

It is such a pity ( but understandable) that industry simply pumps money into sports that are marketable at present given 70,000 plus people went to watch Collingwood vs Essendon but I am sure a long term approach by sponsors to get behind these sports and then push them onto the stage would yield results in the long term given the global nature of the sports. In the end our soccer, basketabll and volleyball players are far better known worldwide than out “native” sports and that won’t chamge in our lifetime. How can that be translated to sponsors?

A little bit of insight is required. Newspapers are losing ground. Why. Because of the internet. We have seen many Asian soccer teams play in OZ recently. The world is getting smaller.Refugees are flooding in! Now I being stupid.

In the long term “global” sports will encroach. Once the pathways open up for kids to play soccer and earn money. Boom. Heaps of kids will play soccer. AFL is the best earner for young fellas so they play it. Equation is simple!

Right now good players are drifitng away from Volleyball to Netball on the women’s side. Yet a quality Volleyballer can play in any country in the world? But you are almost on your own as a Volleyballer here. And basketball is not far off as we speak.

So get rid of friggin SLAMBALL and put OZ Volleyballers and Basketballers on the screen! Geez!

Come on you guys. Wrest the initiative from the AFL and get kids to play Volleyball in Western Sydney. Paul Roos would be rapt! Before someone gives Lote another million to play Rugby League and Demetriou starts brainwashing newly born babies in Western Sydney get in there! I hear that every new baby born in Western Sydney will be given a Sherrin.

The men’s Volleyball team won the Asian Championship last year and is a great team. There are some awesome and spectacular athletes playing.

Someone has to realize that the one constant in life is change and there are some sports that simply are global and some that are not. Take the punt.

Get rid of slamball and put Volleyball on the screen and sponsor it. Go on. Do it!

And more so one needs to see the development of multi faceted sports centres and clubs. If a big sponsor took over a facility and simply from there ran 3 or 4 National clubs instead of clubs trying to market themsleves I am sure that sponsor would get results from investments.

The models exist overseas especially in Europe. Let’s get some lateral thinking going!

i hear Slamball is going to try and wrest the initiative from the AFL in Western Sydney. Every new born kid in Western Sydney wil get one of those little tramps that kids get! Watch out Andy!

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