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Long Term Athletic Development LTAD at Collingwood

Here I am at Collingwood Athletics Track supervising Brunswick Zebra’s 11 year old goalkeeper ( Yanni Matzaris)  doing his footwork on Sunday morning 22 March 2009.


But is this LTAD gone mad. 4 year old Joshua Mercuri is ready to fly at the end of this explosive but zig zag parachute run! Too young. Ha. He loved it and tried as hard as he could to get airborne. Josh’s dad Tony owns the 24 hour gym ( Five Star) in Thomastown.


And here is his 7 year old brother Adam. So fast the picture is blurred. HA. But he also loved it. The secind picture also demonstrates some multidirectional training, or maybe just being blown off course!



Marija Mirkovic, Yanni and Con Matzaris are doign a few strides down the track. Marija won the National Junior Tennis singles and doubles championships in 2008 and I assist her with fitness. Marija is off to Europe for 6 months on Monday and today did a short speed session before heading off. She is rapidly improving her ranking and will use Belgrade as a base for the ocming months. She is a very hard trainer and super fit aerobcally and I am sure that with more tennis and more power work she will kepp improving.


Adam come back!


Yanni Matzaris and dad Con after a good session.


Marija slamming a medicine ball into the wall working those obliques.


And Marija doing some “off the mark” training.


This is “moi” and Marija. How to ruin a good shot eh!


And back to Joshua tryig to fly again!


And Adam working those glutes with parachute straining behind.


Look dad!!!!!


Guees what FUN!


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